Masterpieces of the 21st Century

Nouvelles éditions Scala & Amazon KDP [ English Edition ], 2021.

Whereas the craftsmen of the Middle Ages completed their apprenticeships with the production of a masterpiece, in the 19th century, with the advent of the museum, the masterpiece took on its full dimension. The modern art avant-garde then diverted from it. However, this notion is re-emerging in the first quarter of the 21st century, and we can already take a critical look at it through the contemporary creations that illustrate it so perfectly. The fifty masterpieces gathered in this book are approached through the prism of contemporary issues raised by, among other things, our cohabitation with robots, the relationship we have with artificial intelligence, the flow of images and the processing of our data. For the masterpieces of the third industrial revolution, those that emerge from both the use and the critique of science and innovation technologies, offer us as many readings of today's digital world. Analyzing each creation allows us to consider what, possibly, makes it a masterpiece.

Art Beyond Digital

Link Editions & Lulu [ English Edition ], 2018.

Digital technology has interfered in all the spheres, private, public and professional, of our society and shaped them. Artists have always used the techniques or technologies of their time to express themselves. To each appropriated innovation thus corresponds a range of works. Yet, it takes time for the art world to integrate new practices and new media. Impatient, the most fervent advocates of digital art have structured themselves into international communities by organizing dedicated events. Their practices have now matured and the public is culturally ready to welcome their creations as it already does in festivals. At the same time, we notice the first signs of digital acceptance in art, both in institutions and in the contemporary art market.

The purpose of this book is to study the works of current practices without focusing on their shared use of digital technology; to analyse them in the context of their presentation by assembling them so that together they create a dialogue. Objective: to demonstrate that digital technology is a medium of contemporary art, but that it is important to consider specificities.

Art And Digital Resonating

Nouvelles éditions Scala [ French Edition ], 2015.

Art and digital, when they are combined, 'reason' together. Today, many works are initiated by a search engine or an electronic device. Networking artistic practices and non-professional use are mixed up. To fit in, artists divert the social media that we appropriate. Because digital cultures are today very widely shared.

Networked, we are here and there at the same time, possibly exchanging with all, around a community that is more and more global. The digital has invested in all the private, public or professional spheres of our society, profoundly modifying the relations between one another. There are artists who represent the world as it is or as we fantasize it, while others reveal it to us differently, in order to criticize it. Yet, all of them are affected, in their artistic use of societal problems, by the presence of the digital, at the core of our societies.

Contemporary New Media Art

Nouvelles éditions Scala [ English Edition ], 2013.

Since the end of the 1980s, new artistic practices have emerged along with the spread of digital technology.These?artists who today are beginning to garner recognition on the international contemporary art scene have moved into entirely new territories by using digital technology such as sensors, data bases, robots,?virtual worlds, immersive apparatus, games, social networks, video surveillance, computer viruses, etc.

By reason of the very nature of these supports, they have placed the spectator at the heart of artistic preoccupations, focusing notably on the notion of relationships as well as social and environmental issues.This book presents the most recent trends in new media art while providing the keys necessary for understanding and analyzing the work of the these resolutely contemporary creators.